Trinity College Cambridge Wedding

A lovely Trinity College Cambridge Wedding, we had so many great pictures in this wedding that is so difficult to choose, but I put lots here anyway and you can have an idea of Alex & Bethany wedding day, a young couple, very intelligent, with lots of dreams and a brilliant future.

Alex & Bethany got marriage at Trinity College, Cambridge (I loveeee this place so much) and their reception was at Quy Mill Hotel, in Stow-Cum-Quy, also Cambridge….a lovely hotel, very friendly and with a warm atmosphere…

Trinity College was founded by Henry VIII in 1546 as part of the University of Cambridge. It receives students all around the world.

Some of the famous undergraduates of Trinity College is the philosopher and statesman Isaac Newton, one of the greatest of all  physical scientists.

Trinity has provided 32 Nobel Prizewinners since they were first awarded in 1909

Alex & Bethany had their ceremony at the Chapel, an amazing place built during the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth I and it was (and still is) used by members of Trinity College and visitors as a place of prayer and worship. Also it is used for formal ceremonies and events, as weddings and musical performances. The Chapel is open whenever the College itself is open to the public.

 So, you are welcome to see a handful of our pictures and be free to write any comment 🙂

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