Our Service

Each of us comes armed with two professional Nikon and Fuji X Series cameras. Our cameras are served by a range of lenses to ensure that your collection is both varied and engaging, giving you those striking close-ups and charming group photos. We also provide studio baby and family shoots occasionally throughout the year.

Those head-turning images take a little fine-tuning though, so Undivided Love uses a state of the art Eizo Monitor to bring your photos to life with the very best in colour reproduction for your photographs and albums. The resulting collection oozes class, sophistication, and most importantly the happiness of your big day.




Our Experience

Our history of weddings dates back over 10 years of professional wedding photography thats proved us being matured and experienced professional photographers.

Not forgetting our reviews on our Facebook page which clearly describes us as fuzzy warm, friendly couple with an attitude to please and bless :). Also our approved listing and reviews on Guides for Brides

Our business is based in Bedfordshire, but our wedding photography services do not stop here! Let us come to you, whether you're getting married in Milton Keynes or Cambridgeshire, and we'll capture your special day with once-in-a-lifetime photos!


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The British Institute of Professional Photography is an internationally recognised organisation and the qualification structure is regarded as the most respected in the world. With more media news showing up about so called professional photographers that are not providing high quality images, its now time to look more wisely into any photographer that is commited to an association or is qualified as a wedding photographer. By hiring a BIPP qualified wedding photographer, you are assured that we'll provide an honest professional service. Jamie's Licentiateship (LBIPP) shows an established professional level of skill and competence within weddings.