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Turvey House with Grace & Chris

Grace & Chris

Turvey House

Tradition, class and elegance together is a recipe for success, mainly on a wedding day, but if you don’t hire the right Photographer it can ruin everything! That is why we, from Undivided-Love Photography, are so committed to provide not just a good Customer Service but as well great pictures that will be cherished forever for you and your beloved ones.

As experienced Photographers, we know how stressed could be a wedding day, so, we are not there to disturb or interfere on your agenda, but to help you have a free-hassle day which will flow with your pictures.

When Grace & Chris choose us for their Special day, they went for our Premium Package which include the advantage of two Professionals the whole day, capturing with different lenses and perspective their moments. What we consider very important, mainly if you hire a big space full of character, history and exceptional grounds, like Turvey House. Some places really deserves two Photographers instead of one. So, nothing can be missed out.

Cinthia Stylianou

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