At Undivided Love, we would describe our style as natural, emotive and informal.

Wedding photography is an opportunity to turn your big day into a vibrant visual tale that will weave the emotions, excitement and events of your wedding into one captivating story. The aim is to create a high-impact set of images that really showcase your personality and the individual characteristics of your wedding, from the venue to the theme. We’ll optimise these with the use of different lenses, spontaneous prompts and then professional editing in the aftermath of your wedding to create a really eye-catching wedding collection that you’ll be itching to show everyone.

Our creative and storytelling photography package works with your wishes to create a powerful set of images that really tell the tale of the day in a unique way. From Fine Art Photography to more quirky styles, we like to take a fun and informal approach to creative and storytelling photography.

Our Documentary Photography Approach

Many of our couples prefer photography to be subtle and unobtrusive; whilst you want to treasure the memories of your big day, you don’t want it to be interrupted by being chauffeured from photo to photo.

Documentary wedding photography captures moments of genuine emotion to tell a story of the day. Also known as wedding photojournalism and reportage wedding photography, it seeks to crystalize the context and meaning of those special moments in a way that is natural and spontaneous. Our professional cameras really pinpoint every detail, and we use strong imagery and composition to turn these photos into stunning images without making a scene during your day.

Undivided Love will go about the day discreetly and unobtrusively, taking effortless photographs that are relaxed and fun.  We document the day from start to finish to preserve those poignant confetti moments, clinking glasses and meaningful glances. Through the editing process, we create a flowing and complete photo collection that rides the emotional rollercoaster of the big day so that can recall it in a glance in years to come.

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Do you still take posed family images?

Absolutely. Undivided Love understands the importance of getting those historic family photos. We think it is important to set aside a little time during the drinks reception to capture these important historic photos. What we don’t want, is it to become a chore! In the pre-wedding meeting we nail down a list of all the ‘must have’ family groups and we type this up and enlist the help of Ushers & Bridesmaids to help us gather the groups together. Posing is kept to a minimum, and we try to make it a fun experience for all involved!

Do you pose the bride and groom?

We prefer use direction, rather than posing, to create really natural images – For those idyllic photos of the newlyweds, you can to decide whether you prefer more classic or contemporary photography for these special portraits. With both group and couple photos, we like to keep the tone unforced, natural, and fun.

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